5 Oatmeal Recipes Your Kids Will Love – Try one this weekend…

January is National Oatmeal Month — did you know that? Of course there is a month for everything, so let celebrate!

Did you have a favorite oatmeal as a kid? No, not the instant kind, although I do enjoy the blueberry flavor. Not sure it has real blueberries though.

While it is has cooled off considerably in South Florida I know that I need to take advantage of the weather and feel like I live up north.

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Family Friendly New Year’s Eve Activities (or any night in)

Every year around this time I have a bunch of moms ask me…

“What are you doing with your kids for New Year’s Eve?”

We have never really been a family to go out and celebrate with a big adult only party. Honestly until the day we spend New Year’s Eve at Magic Kingdom in an overly priced VIP area (I can dream), we will most likely be found at home.

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A Charlie Brown Christmas – Live on Stage – Kravis Center

There is something so special about the week before Christmas. Last minute preparations, final planning, the kitchen smelling like every delicious yummy food your family loves.

It’s also a time when I know I’m searching everywhere to find fun family events to keep the kids fully engaged in the magic of the season.

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Ice Gaylord Palms 2019 – Polar Express

The holidays aren’t quite over in my house. Although I love celebrating the New Year, I love to squeeze every ounce of Christmas before I can. Great think ICE at Gaylord Palms runs until Jan. 5th.

There are so many different activities and experiences that are available at Gaylord Palms. Even simply walking around and experiencing the lights is an amazing memory. I know from experience. My dad would take me to Gaylord Opryland every year I spend Christmas with him and it is something I still smile about.

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Bright Line Polar Express – 10 Reasons Why You Must Go To The North Pole

As a parent I try and make each holiday as memorable as I can. This includes a lot of activities at home, but I also love going out into my community and finding ways to add magic to our days.

The more I have done this I can say a lot of things I have found are sadly underwhelming. I do love that my kids can see past the flaws I may see and find the good. I absolutely love that.

But this experience gave ME chills. Literal goosebumps. Multiple times.

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Holiday Handprints – Add This To Your Tree The Year

We started this tradition last year. It is the easiest tradition to add into your celebrations.

I mean I love any type of handprint art and this is something we can add on to year after year.

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