Raspberry Sourdough White Chocolate Muffins

We have been baking more than ever before. I know like a most families, when we were finally able to get flour again, we tried to come up with as many fun and different ways to use it. Not just for regular cakes and cookies.

It has also helped break up screen time on days that are crazy hot in South Florida. You will find I make sure the kids help me in the kitchen as much as possible. It is great with fractions, measurements and simply reading and following directions.

I leave everything out on the counter, my older son tends to read the directions and do the measurements and my younger son loves mixing and sorting out wet and dry ingredients.

This was the first recipe I used my sourdough starter discards. I know that sounds a bit scary and it still kinda is, as I am learning how to take care of and grow my sourdough starter. I was totally inspired by Little Spoon Farm’s Blueberry Crumble recipe, so she gets all of the credit for this. Make sure to check out her step by step instructions.

I didn’t have blueberries though so substituted raspberries. I also threw in white chocolate chips because… why not???

I don’t want to say this was the absolute best muffin I’ve ever had… but for sure, it was. I honestly believe the sourdough made all of the difference.

Now the bad part of baking so much is that I have to give most of it away or I will sit and eat it all day. 🙂 I think my boys are the only kids that aren’t crazy about homemade treats. They love making them but not so much eating them.

I wonder how our new neighbors will feel about their “Welcome to the Neighborhood” treat delivery.

5 Things to Know While Planning Your First Airboat Ride – Southern Style Airboat

If we are being honest I’ve never planned an airboat ride for my family because I was too nervous to. Trusting a captain I didn’t know, to go out into the Everglades. The Everglades filled with gators and pythons and millions of insects. Just some of the things I know are out there. Not to mention all of the things under the water.

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Lemon Lime Sugar Cookie Balls – An Easy Summer Snack

I’ve known my husband for over 10 years and for some reason this weekend when I said I was going to make Lemon-Lime Truffles he informed me he doesn’t like lemon desserts….huh??? You’ve got to be kidding me.

So instead of Lemon-Lime Cookie Balls I told him I was making Lime Cookie Balls.

What he doesn’t know…

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Explore Your Area – The Navy SEAL Museum – Florida Treasure Coast

I’ve lived on the Treasure Coast for the past 10 years and had never been to the Navy SEAL Museum. How is that possible?

This summer, like many families, we are planning on staying in our area and exploring ways to learn more about our community while staying safe.

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