My Attempt at Gardening

I would love to have a full garden in my backyard…something that I could use in my weekly recipes. Tomatoes, peppers, squash, lettuce…I have such high hopes. I’ve tried in years past and everything died. 😦 I really tried to do everything right, water at the right times, give them the right amount of sunlight…daily hugs for motivation to grow. Seriously, everything

At the start of the Summer, I rummaged out some black pots I bought for Halloween decorations last year, drilled holes in the bottom of them and planted my own little herb garden. Basil, mint, oregano, thyme…they were all on sale for $2 a plant (cheaper than buying fresh at the grocery store).

I am so proud of these little guys…they are growing like weeds (the one thing I CAN grow)…it makes me want to take on more produce…but one thing at a time, I can’t go crazy yet…

It makes me wonder what are the easiest veggies to grow??? I’ve already found the easiest to kill.


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