My Cake Balls

Before I ever saw the cake ball machines that are everywhere I started making my own version of cake balls (I still have never used one of the machines). Cake balls, the kind I make, are probably one of my favorite desserts simply because they don’t taste like anything else you can pick up at the store. They are super easy to make but the first few batches do take a bit of time to create. Working with the fondant is the hardest part.


My husband always asks when I’m going to make cake balls again…I’ve been thinking about them a lot this week so I’m sure it will be soon. That’s why I was inspired to write this post.

The easiest way to make them is simply pick out a box mix and frosting ( I love the spice cake/ cream cheese frosting mixture) or of course you can make it all from scratch. Heheheeh.  Follow the directions on the box to bake the cake anyway you prefer. After the cake has cooled crumble it into tiny pieces. They can’t be too small. When it is a crumbly consistency stir in your frosting. This will pull all of the crumbs together. It is easy to roll out balls in your hand at this point, I usually make them about the size of golf balls…maybe a little smaller…it is really up to you.

Sit them on a cookie sheet while you roll out the fondant. This will be your trial and error point. Depending on how thick or thin you want your fondant. I’ve never had luck with thick fondant, I usually stick with a piece that is as thick as a coin. Gently place the fondant over one of your cake balls and smooth it out. Where all of the sides come together, cut off any excess. I place that part on the bottom where no one can see it.


I always have different fondant colors in my baking supplies as you can see and cookie frosting to add detail to the top. The cookie frosting hardens as well as the fondant so these are going to be less messy than cupcakes and more fun to eat I think. 🙂

You can make these a few days before you need them because the fondant will soap up the flavors of the cake and frosting. They are also great the day you make them. Again, as you make them more and more you will find what you like best.



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