Hucklebaby’s Penguin Mobile

My husband is from Pittsburgh so we have a good amount of Pittsburgh Penguins in our house…but for the baby’s room, I wanted penguins that looked a little different. This was my inspiration from Pinterest that I liked. I wanted to stick with the same colors but they ended up a little different.


The Penguins were easy to create. It took a few times to come up with a pattern I was happy with but after that, I was able to go through and mark the felt. I’m not really sure how long it actually took altogether because it was a project I did at night while my feet were propped up watching TV with my hubby. I actually made way more penguins than I used.



I had my husband hang up a stick we took off of a tree in the yard (very lightweight) and then I placed the penguins on it. One word of advice. Check the stick for BUGS! I failed to do so and after it was nice and hung we discovered two tiny ants on it. Because I’m crazy about making sure they were OK, I gently took them off and relocated them to the tree where we took the branch from. My husband has gotten used to these antics of mine. 🙂



Here is what the final project looks like. I took the photos with my phone which is why they aren’t the greatest but I think you get the idea. I made a tiny baby penguin you can see at the bottom of the branch. I hope our little Hucklebaby likes penguins because he has a bunch of them in his room.



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