The Completed “Wall”

I’ve known for a while that when we did Hucklebaby’s nursery I wasn’t going to go with any “theme”. No animals or bugs…nothing too cutesy. I also started thinking about the nursery before we knew if he was a he or she…so it had to be something that would work for a girl or a boy. We decided to stick with solid colors. Ones that could be used for our next child down the road as well. I wanted something colorful though.

I’ve always had a love for children’s books so an alphabet on the wall was something I could wrap my head around. As with all of my projects recently I couldn’t do any of them without my husband and mom in this case. She came to visit the weekend we were doing the wall and I was able to sit back and direct as they did the hard part.

I had the vinyl custom made and here is what it looked like spread out on the kitchen counter. We still have what seems like a million letters left over. It’s good in case we move (though that’s not in the plans anytime soon) or if I come up with another project that needs colorful letters??? Not sure if that will happen soon either.


In my previous post of Hucklebaby’s nursery, you can see a large brown H on the wall. That was a letter we were trying out to see if I liked it before getting more letters. I was scared because our walls aren’t flat, that they might start to peel off. We have that weird flat pebbly texture. I was happy with how it looked after a few weeks so we continued on with the project. They look so great some people think we painted them on. This I believe was a much better option than individually painting the letters.



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