Hucklebaby’s 0-3 Month Infant Favorites

I can’t believe it has already been over 3 months…actually 4. I wanted to put together a list of our favorites for any other moms out there that might be curious. I was always looking for advice being a first time mom and now so many of my friends are becoming FTMs too!!! I covered all of these in the video below but here are the basics.



Swaddle Me Sleep Sacks. Hucklebaby would not sleep through the might without them for the first 3 months. After the first night of not having them…I knew how important they were going to be. I never bought them before he was born because I was scared if I got them it would be a waste of money if he wasn’t a baby that liked to be swaddled. My advice…buy them, keep the receipt and return them if you don’t use them. The reason is…you are going to need them a 2:00 in the morning when Walmart is the only store open and you don’t have the energy to go. You can always return them if you don’t use them but you will be so happy to have them there if you need them.


Huggies is the only Newborn brand I found that had a section cut out on the top for the belly button nub. All of the other brands needed to be folded down.

FYI: Huggies is Disney and Pampers is Sesame Street.


Old fashioned diapers. You can use them for EVERYTHING. I try to have them in every room in the house. They are soft enough to use on the face but strong enough to clean anything you might need too. Then you just throw them in the wash and they are good as new. I also had a friend tell me once they get all stained and ratty, you simply dye them with Rit and they look brand new again.


I found a great free app on iTunes that has about 40 different sounds that I love to use. My favorites are Rain, wind chimes and frogs. You can mix and match the sounds together. It’s great to have on my phone because I can carry it around and use it in the car, at the doctors office or in a restaurant.



I didn’t go crazy when I bought my breast pump. I just got the standard Ameda Purely Yours. I could have gone with the more expensive one but it came with a special bag. I have plenty of bags I can carry this in. I don’t really carry it out much. Being lucky enough to stay at home for a while with my little guy I usually use it at home. I think the bag would have just gotten in my way.



I love my NUK bottles. I only have the 5oz ones so far. They also come in 10 oz. Since I am primarily breast feeding I don’t need that many, they come in packs of 3. I have 6 of them. My husband uses them occasionally when I am out of the house or wants a little more time with him. I thought I would buy more to send to daycare with him, but since that won’t be for a little longer..we will probably be in sippy cups by then. My lactation consultant told me to get these while we were at the hospital so that’s what I did. I wish I would have known before I went crazy and bought a gazillion bottles before he was born. I was lucky enough to be able to return them and get other things I actually needed.




I’m pretty sure I would not have been able to sleep if not for my Rock and Play. We were able to travel easily with it so he was always able to have his bed for the first 3 months. I know there was a recall on these but it was because of mold. I never had that problem and I’m sure if you use the product correctly, you’ll be fine. We have this packed up so we have it for the next one.




Babies are not born with fingernails. They are born with claws. Be sure to pack baby nail files with you when you are packing your hospital bag. I wish we had because I think as soon as he was born he started scratching himself. I have one of these in every room. As soon as he falls asleep, no matter where he is, I can start filing away. His nails grow so fast…


What are the newborn baby products you couldn’t live without???


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