Hucklebaby’s Shamrock Hands

Who doesn’t love tiny painted handprints? After a little Pinterest inspiration and green tempera paint.

Waa-lah…Hucklebaby’s first paint project.


Even though the pictures might not show it, he loved squishing his hands in the sponge filled with paint. This project took six adult hands to get accomplished. I wasn’t expecting that…and for anyone who has actually done hand projects with a 5-month old that doesn’t squish their hands together please let me know.

I think I was making more of a mess by trying to stay clean then if I would have just let him go crazy.


Every time I would try to put his hand down, he would ball it up. It was funny actually and some of the handprints look nothing like handprints but blobs of paint. I was planning on doing 4 different canvases but stopped at 2. I’m not sure we would have made it to 4. That would take the stamina of running a marathon.


I’ll stop complaining. Overall this was a very easy project and something I’ll be glad to pull out year after year. A cute story that I can tell him as his hands grow and he learns to roll his eyes at his mother that tells the same stories all the time. Man…I love those little hands.

Here is our final project…maybe I’ll squeeze one more in before the 17th.



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