Mesh Feeders Review — Munchkin vs. Nuby

If you saw my previous Once Upon a Child haul I mentioned picking up a Nuby Mesh Teether/ Feeder. I promised a full review and I like to deliver.

After using it I wanted to buy a few more so while I was at Target I grabbed Munchkin ones (the only kind I could find there)…

After using both brands a few times…let me compare. They both have pros AND cons.

The first one I tried was the Nuby. $3.99 for a single one.


It comes in 4 pieces. The outer cap (which I never use), the handle, the mesh and the ring that holds the mesh on. It was very easy to figure out how to use and pretty self explanatory. We started out using it with avocado and banana. I did not like how messy it was when he was done with it. In order to clean it you must squeeze two sides of the outside and twist, yes it’s easy and I only have to do it while I’m cleaning it but still…

I didn’t think much about the white mesh until he ate banana out of it. We were at a baseball game and I wasn’t able to wash the mesh immediatly. I left it in a plastic container in the diaper bag and cleaned it a few hours later. As the remaining banana browned, so did the mesh. Yuck. I have cleaned and cleaned it. I know it is super clean…but it is still dingy. Plus like many of the reviews on Amazon…it is a pain to clean the mesh…a pain. but since I don’t have to do it a million times a day I don’t mind it as much. Thus the reason I went to buy a few more.

The second kind I tried were Munchkin — $6.99 for a two pack.


Different but the same. These do not come apart. Or if they do I can’t figure it out. Colored mesh…hahahah…very practical. You don’t see food stains in the green and blue fabric. They have a clasp type closure that makes it much easier to open and close than the Nuby. The ring handles are better for Hucklebaby’s hands to hold too.  These are all huge plusses to me.

What I don’t like is when I try to wash them the mesh is attached to the plastic which is attached to the handle. I don’t think I can clean these as well as the Nuby.

I would love to take bits and pieces from both and make the perfect one for my kiddo.

I guess if it came down to it and I had to pick ONLY one to go with I would pick the Nuby. I am able to get replacement nets when the other ones get to dingy and ugly looking. I feel I can get the Nuby cleaner because I can take it apart and get in all the nooks and crannies. 🙂 Clean wins out every day for me.

P.S. — Nuby please change your handles to rings like Munchkins so Hucklebaby’s little hands can grasp it better. Thanks!


2 thoughts on “Mesh Feeders Review — Munchkin vs. Nuby

    1. I like it much better although Hucklebaby is starting to eat foods without anything now. I can’t believe he is already such an independent little man.

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