Hucklebaby’s Book Club

This month I couldn’t decide just one book to choose from for Hucklebaby’s book club, so I picked two. I made the rules…I can break them right. 🙂 One was a no brainer…The Bad Easter Bunny, because well…it’s Easter and fluffy fun Easter Bunnies are everywhere. Let’s give the bad one some love. The second book was Hookitty-Tookitty-Tah.


What stood out about both of these books is that the characters changed colors. Literally, on the page, they changed colors with their emotions. It tied in nicely to our baby signing class in which we focused on all of our colors this month. I was able to use both of these books to practice our signing, which I love, but also show that emotions can be colors too. Not sure if a six-month old can grasp that concept but hey, I’m starting young. Both books had amazing illustrations too and keeping a six month old little boy entertained is hard to do.

Neither one of these are board books (the only ones I let him read by himself)…but ones that I will keep on a higher shelf and read with him (I am so anal about pages getting ripped).

The Bad Easter Bunny has a great lesson…one for pretty much any age group. In a nutshell…the Easter Bunny gets angry that everyone takes him for granted and just expects things from him each year. He never gets any thank you’s, so he decides to break all of the toys and eat all of the candy.


Until a little girl reminds him that a little thank you can go a long way. I see so many kids that just expect huge gifts for every little thing. Not my kid! Well, hopefully not anyway. I want him to remember thank-you’s are one of the most important things you can give someone. I love that this book reinforces that message. It’s actually perfect for an Easter basket if you are still coming up with non-candy ideas.

Hookitty-Tookitty-Tah — the dragon is supposed to be mean and threatening, I kinda find him adorable. Not sure if that is what the author was going for. The jist is that the dragon will leave the town alone if he gets one thousand pies, one hundred cakes and a wagon made of bonbons. Easy deal right. Well then an old lady bakes with salt instead of sugar and the dragon losses it. He turns purple, pink, green and finally back to yellow. This one actually had two lessons. Don’t feed a dragon sweets baked with salt… and if you eat too many sweets you get sick. I wasn’t expecting that at the end but it was a cute little twist. Here is the dragon eating a salad to try and feel better. Oh and in case you are wondering Hookitty-Tookitty-Tah is a little boy character in the book who saves the day.


Hookitty-Tookity-Tah, written by Antonio Mugica and Herman Mejia.

The Bad Easter Bunny, written by Isabel Atherton, illustrated by Stephanie Rohr.

Have a book suggestion for us to add to the always-growing Hucklebaby library? Let us know. We are always on the hunt for a good read.


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