Safari Nights at the Zoo

It wasn’t long ago I mentioned I wanted to go to the zoo at night. I remember the conversation because I was told they only do nighttime zoo activities in October for Boo at the Zoo. I didn’t think to much of it until I heard that the zoo was in fact open every Friday night in the summer for Safari Nights. What? I knew this was going to be Hucklebaby’s first zoo trip.

We have a little zoo. They have all of the normal zoo animals but you could easily see everything in an hour (if you are walking slow). I only wanted to go for the experience…plus I’m running out of family-friendly activities to do on Friday nights. I need to brainstorm some more, but that will be another blog post.

Here is our attempt of a family photo…


Most of the time we were there is was still daylight outside but since it was the evening it had cooled down to the point it was nice. By nice I mean there were only a few drops of sweat rolling down the backs of my knees. This is expected any summer night in Florida.

Hucklebaby’s favorite animal to look at were (insert suspense here) birds…the ones roaming around. Ducks, geese, peacocks… I think because he could easily see them and we don’t have them at home. 🙂


As the night continued on and the zoo became darker, it was harder for him to see the bigger animals. Can you believe they blend in to their surroundings? It’s like nature gave them natural camouflage. (wink, wink) I hate to admit it but I had an a-hha moment when this happened. Then I laughed to myself.

One of the things my husband likes to do, whenever we go pretty much anywhere, is to set Hucklebaby on things for a good photo op. Since he’s till little my husband tries to hide where you can’t really see him in the picture. It never works though. It does make me laugh every time I look at the pictures later on though. Here are two examples from last night.



All in all it was a great night. We will probably go at least one more time before September (that’s when it ends). It was $15.95 for adults, which I thought was a little pricy for what there actually was..but Hucklebaby was free, and it was for the experience. 🙂

On the plus side, the carousel rides were free.



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