I know a thing or two about sippy cups…

Here is my collection so far…what would you like to know? I’m not sure there were this many options in sippy cups when I transitioned from a bottle. I only remember the Tupperware sippy cups with plastic lids. I’m not even sure I used those, I just remember the cool kids in pre-school had them.

I remember being overwhelmed trying to choose the right bottle for my son, knowing that I was primarily going to breastfeed, I still wanted my husband to be able to bottle feed him. I’m not going to lie. I think I bought almost every brand of bottle that was out. I had never heard of nipple confusion. Now I’m a big NUK by Gerber lover in bottles. Why? Because after I delivered, my lactation nurse took all of the guessing out of it. She told me that’s what she recommended. I never looked back. I needed someone there to tell me what to use. If only I had that angel for sippy cups.


This was my first sippy purchase. It wasn’t planned. It happened on Christmas Eve when my son was only 3 months old. My mom casually questioned if Santa was bringing a stocking to our dear sweet Hucklebaby. So at 10:30pm, on Christmas Eve night, we were at Walgreen’s finding things Santa might possibly bring. This has sat on the shelf since then. He never uses this one. I think because the spout is harder than the rest. Going right from a bottle to this didn’t work for us. After that I knew I needed something with a softer spout.

Insert our Aveda Sippy Cup, with a soft spout. Well softer than Playtex.


I was foolish in thinking that I loved having a lid attached so it wouldn’t get lost. Ha. It closes all the time as soon as he sets it down. No, he hasn’t figured out how to pull it back up yet. It’s a pain. Would you want a large piece of plastic resting on your face every time you drank something? Well, that’s what happens with this one.

Next —


Three handles, amazing. That is one feature on this cup that I love. It’s strange though because there is a valve on the inside that pops out easily. If Hucklebaby drops it on the floor, the valve pops out and water easily spills out. He was able to drink out of this one though, but it made a bit of a mess that drove my husband bonkers. I will give them props for putting an adorable smily face on the spout though. Every time I see it it makes me smile.


I thought I would give a NUK sippy cup a change because I liked the bottles so much, so I grabbed the one with cute sea turtles on them. We do live by a sea turtle nesting spot.


I loved this spout but hate that it doesn’t have handles. I’m not sure if they make one with handles but at my Target and Babies R Us they don’t have them. This cup is in rotation but not a favorite.

I heard good things about Tommee Tippee so I grabbed two before the summer.


These are NOT spill proof. In fact these are almost like pouring out of a straw. He gets soaked…but strangely enough it taught him what a sippy cup does. Until now he had struggled with getting anything out. Now, it was pouring out too fast.

Finally the winners… These tie for the best…


Nuby and Munchkin. They have handles, are spill proof, have soft spouts and just work the best for us. These will by our go-to cups to buy from now on. I bought the Nuby on recommendation from another mommy blogger, Michelle from I’m a Mommy of One.

I hope this helps in your sippy cup journey. I’m sure I will be buying more along the way. I think I have a sippy cup addiction.


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