Hucklebaby’s First Haircut — At Disney World

I’ve been reluctant to cut his hair. My husband has too. I loved his curls and waves. It was different and I didn’t want him to lose them. That was my biggest fear, that after he had his first haircut, all of those curls would be gone.

We had planned to go to The Magic Kingdom with a few friends of ours and randomly upon searching blogs I found something about First Haircuts at Disney. WHAT? There wasn’t really much more information than that. Oh, and that they were only $19. That couldn’t be right for something at Disney??? Way too cheap right?

We had been getting pressure from my parents to cut his hair for months and I knew the day was coming when I was really going to have to do something. So it was either go to some random kids salon to chop it or maybe make it something special. I am ridiculous enough that as I was researching all of the required info, I started tearing up. I couldn’t even talk about it without getting that weird lump in my throat.

Even as we were walking around Disney I wasn’t really sure I was actually going to go through with it. After getting off one of the rides I thought that maybe I would walk over there and just “check it out”. It’s very tiny and a building I had never seen on Main Street U.S.A. If you are walking into the park and looking at the castle, it is off on the left side. Right next to where the parade starts. They had a classic barber pole right outside, I had never paid attention to that either.


After asking how long the wait would be I knew right then I should have made an appointment. I was also told I couldn’t make same day appointments. I think this is what got me. As soon as I’m told I can’t do something, a switch goes off in me and then I MUST do it. It was a challenge. Hucklebaby was now going to get his hair cut. All of them. (I love that lame hair cutting joke)

As he slept in his stroller…we waited. It wasn’t that bad really…out of the sun and right next to an electrical outlet for our overused phones. We were waiting to hopefully be “squeezed” in between other appointments. While waiting we were able to see the Dapper Dans and the start of the Afternoon Parade. Like I said, we were right by the door where they come out so we had a great view of everything.



I was about to give up hope when I sent Bill back in to check to see how much longer it might be…and he waved us over. There was a no-show appointment and we were in!!! Now my concern went from us actually getting in… to what if Hucklebaby freaks out?

There was a little boy in the chair before us that was having quite a moment. I’m not sure why I was even doubting the magic of Disney. As soon as he was in the chair he had Mickey stickers plastered all over him…and it WORKED! Genius. After the first moment, my hesitation was gone. I knew his hair was getting cut and I had to hold my breath and see what my kiddo was gonna look like without his long mane.


I noticed the barber was putting all of his hair on a paper towel on the counter. I had completely forgotten to tell her we were planning on keeping it. But of course she knew exactly what she was doing. All of it happened so quickly. I would say less than 15 minutes for all of it to wrap up. Ears and all. Yes, in the First Haircut package they get ears that say “My First Haircut”. I even grabbed a quick picture of the cabinet with all of the ears waiting for little heads.


Another surprise was that they wrapped up his hair and put it in a mesh drawstring bag with a Mickey sticker on the inside and Pixie Dust. AKA confetti. He also received a certificate to mark the day. All of this I’m sure is more for the parents than him…but it was something special to me.


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