February Crafty Things

The funny thing about having a kid is that all of the things you had time for before…don’t exist anymore. I LOVE crafting. Just love it. But with work, school, life and chasing him around…all of that free time for Pinteresty things has somehow vanished. I’m not complaining at all. Just making an observation.

I’m sure I did more than 2 things this month, I sure hope so…but as I was going through my photos…these are the ones that I had.

So one of the ladies I work with is having a baby..(awww….) and it’s a boy! I’m excited about that, just because it means one more play mate for Hucklebaby hopefully. I was elected to make a motorcycle out of diapers. Um…ok… Does she ride motorcycles? No. Someone thought it was cute. Not my first choice but hey..I didn’t have anything else to offer so on my way I went to make an elephant riding motorcycle. (She does like elephants)

After looking at YouTube…where you can find anything…this is what I was able to put together.



Everyone loved it…well they said the did anyway. Project one done.

Next…Valentine’s Day. I wasn’t going to do anything for the staff at work. I was OK with that. Taking a little well needed break. That is until, the day before Valentine’s, as I was walking out, someone said…”Hey, can’t wait to see what we are getting tomorrow.” Crap.

SOOOO I stopped by Publix and grabbed donut bites. I may or may not have eaten some too. If no one saw me eat them, did it really happen??? 🙂


Here is the step by step break down…


Only putting two in a bag seemed a little cheap looking to me, but three was really pushing it because of the size of the bags.




The staples were a pain though. My tiny stapler was too small to get all the way down and a full size stapler wanted to smoosh the donut tops. If I were to do this again I would get bags that were bigger and cut them down. That’s my only word of advice.

….and because I was on a role, and I fully believe in sucking up to teachers as much as possible, I printed large signs from Hucklebaby and grabbed Dunkin on the way to work.


It’s never to early to be a teacher’s pet.


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