Imaginary Animals Painting Project – Beezus and Ramona

I’ve started reading chapter books to my kiddos during their snack time. When I first started they weren’t crazy about books with no pictures but they have slowly started telling me what they see in their minds as we are reading. Exactly what I wanted. The first chapter book I read was Pippy Longstockings. I only picked it because I remember how much I loved it. After retreading it with them, I probably won’t do it with my next class. The language was a little too “old”. Our second book is Beezus and Ramona. Much easier for them to follow plus I’ve noticed there are activities I can tie in with the book. This I am truly excited about.

I found that it was a perfect chance to bust out the paints and get messy. Bezzus and Ramona had to paint imaginary animals in their paint class…so we did too.

I loved hearing them talk about what the characters painted and what they wanted to paint. They were making connections and enjoying all of it.


And sometimes you have to take it to the floor to make it perfect.

I’m not sure what chapter book I’ll do next, so I’m completely open to recommendations. I want to try and do at least one craftivity a week with it. Maybe I can be an art teacher when I grow up. 🙂


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