Pillow Covers

So the pillows that we have came with the couch. I remember liking them..but now looking at them…that can’t be true…can it? They annoy me. We only got our living room set 4 years ago but I’m ready for a new one. Is that normal? Because I know getting a new one is not an option (right now) I figured I’d start out by recovering my throw pillows.

After looking online, all of the covers I liked were at least $20 or more. Seriously? I could buy brand new pillows for that amount…but then I would feel guilty for getting rid of these when they are perfectly good pillows.

Strolling through Hobby Lobby today I saw these fabrics and was able to get the amount I needed for $3 in each pattern. Sounds good to me. 20140620-151904-55144139.jpg

Sewing takes a little longer with a one year old running around and turning my machine on and off (while I’m using it) but I was able to get these done in about an hour. Although it really shouldn’t take that long.

Ta-da. Super easy DIY. Maybe I’ll start making different holiday pillow covers too. ❤20140620-151204-54724871.jpg


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