Leprechaun Hucklebaby 

I love any reason to get dressed up. I’m trying to give that excitement to Hucklebaby as well. His school invited us to walk in the town’s St. Patrick’s Day parade this past week and I thought it would be a great experience.  He loved getting dressed up and really loved the green spray in his hair. He was my little Leprechaun Hucklebaby.

We arrived about 10 minutes before the start and found his school bus. We could either ride the bus or walk in front of it. Random Fact: Hucklebaby has never ridden a school bus… and after getting him to the first step of this one…he still has not ridden one. In case you were wondering, yes…his school has a short bus. 🙂

My mom happened to be in town for the day and came with us to the parade. Good thing I have extra boas on hand for occasions like these. 🙂

This kid…he makes me laugh. He just randomly picked up a rainbow umbrella that was there and started twirling. That green moo-stache stayed on for about 3 seconds.

Ready with our goodie bags of stuff to throw out…


The parade started…and then something happened.

Hucklebaby and I were walking with everyone else and he had a moment. Not an expected one though. He REFUSED to walk in the road. Would. Not. Do. It.

I blame myself. Everything is so concrete with him right now. Yes, no, black, white. I have made it clear that he should NEVER EVER go in the street. (that’s what parents do)

And now here I am making him walk IN the street, in front of a moving bus. He called me out.

I honestly hadn’t even thought of it that way. Parades go against everything we are teaching him right now. Stay out of the road, stay away from moving vehicles and don’t throw things at people. I just had to laugh, he was right.

So after 3 or so minutes of walking in the parade… we then had to walk beside our group in the parade. Yes. On the sidewalk. Where it was safe. Parade of one. Leprechaun Hucklebaby.


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