Easy Easter Teacher Gifts – “Pin-spiration”

Hucklebaby has six different teachers, so I can’t go crazy each holiday…

I loved this idea from The EveryDaySavy. She had it listed as Valentine’s Ideas but I think it’s perfect for Spring too.

I changed mine a little bit… and let me tell you why…

Instead of opening each package and sticking it through the middle (which I admit, is MUCH more adorable) I opted to tape my sealed lip balms to the back.

If someone sent an OPEN lip balm to me…I’m pretty sure, no matter how cute it was, it would end up in the trash before my lips. I’m just sayin’.

In my mind I would rather lose cute points and have his teachers actually keep and use the EOS. These are headed to school tomorrow… 🙂

Want to do it too??? Grab your free printable here. 


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