Getting Ready For Easter – Plus an Awesome GIVEAWAY!!! 

We decorated for Easter the day after St. Patty’s day and I have learned in the past year or so that if I want to add on to my decorations, they must be Hucklebaby friendly.

I am loving anything that uses his fine motor skills at the moment, I’m sure that won’t change…and so when I see projects we can do together, that I can store away and bring out year after year…I grab them.

Thank you Target for providing a huge blue egg that was Hucklebaby level, that he carried around the store. Honestly watching him carry two of these at the same time was quite amusing. First project – around $5.

Next project…wooden eggs. In my mind, as I’m walking down the aisle, thinking what a great thing this will be, to pull the eggs out year after year and “remember”.

Oh, how I thought painting wooden eggs would be so wonderful…

It was a wonderful 4 minutes. We discovered it is much more fun painting arms and legs and what? I’m not supposed to paint my face.

Project ended.

You see that small red spot on the egg. Yep. That’s exactly what the egg still looks like. All the other ones are still bare.  I’ll pull these out again next year and see what happens.

Next project…egg stuffing.

This is Hucklebaby’s first year that he understands what he’s doing “hunting” for eggs. His school has a rule about NO CANDY…so gummies (as they are called in this house) are the next best thing right? Plus they are the only thing I could find that would fit in the eggs.

I grabbed eggs and gummies – 12 of both to be exact. Except Target only gave me 11. In the box of 12…they only put in 11. Easter Egg crisis. Come on Target? Do I have to count the gummies now? Is this how they are saving money?? Or is someone that boxes tummies laughing at all of the parents that are probably experiencing the same thing I did. Well played Target, well played.

Dear parent of the one kid that got a left over Valentine’s Fruit by the Foot in their egg… I’m sure it’s still good. 🙂

So after the painting and egg stuffing…a Pirate Egg is just what we need…   

I am reminding myself that things don’t need to be perfect. This is his time to be creative and find his way. They need to be his artistic choices. Yes, a toddler needs artistic choices. I’m sure it’s a thing.

Hook out of the top of the head? Perfect.

So this is what the directions look like and this is what my new Easter center piece looks like. 🙂

This time of year we love reading books about spring, chicks and bunnies. Want to know what our favorite spring bunny book is?

Guess How Much I Love You…A Hucklebaby Book Club Classic!

Did you know it’s 20 years old this year? To celebrate spring and Easter and just how wonderful this book is…Hucklebaby wanted to do a giveaway!

Each of 3 lucky winners will get a copy of the 20th Anniversary “Guess How Much I Love You” as well as an Event Kit with tons of kiddo activities.

Here is a link for additional activities if you already have the book in your collection.

Make Your “Own Guess How Much I Love” You Greeting Card 

 GHMILY story time set up

On winner will be selected from the blog – simply follow and post your favorite kid activity for spring.

Two winners will be selected from Instagram – follow @mariannafrances, repost the image with the #guesshowmuch and comment with your favorite kid activity for spring.

Feel free to do both for a better chance to win. Contest ends on Friday, April 3, 2015.


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