An Almost Sugar Free Easter Basket 

I can’t do an Easter basket of candy. I can’t. I’m afraid Hucklebaby has my love of sugar. One bite and he won’t stop until all of the candy is gone. I promise you this, if he doesn’t eat it all I will. Quickly. That’s the last thing either of us need.

So I’ve told myself the same thing about Easter baskets and Christmas stockings. Little to no candy. My only Easter exception is Peeps. They are an Easter tradition around these parts.

There is no candy on the inside of the basket. Just things and activities he already enjoys doing. I don’t go crazy. Most of the items are random things I grab throughout the year when they are on sale or in the Target dollar section. I would rather spend a few dollars on something we can do together than sweets that are only that.

I’ve said before, I’m enjoying the creative time we have together and right now most of the things the Easter Bunny brought him are along these lines. He’s such a good bunny. 

Coloring books and sticker books are a hit right now. Hucklebaby has also started loving dry erase markers and tracing letters and numbers so luckily enough the bunny brought a few of those books. 

Even though painting is always a mess….I still love it. A little stepping stone with a frog on it and wooden reptiles to paint. I’m hoping he likes this little Melissa and Doug stamp set too. 

How cute is the Crayola toothbrush??? We still go through a toothbrush every week or so. Hopefully this one will last longer. The Mr. Bubbles are a go to. He goes through them so fast and is still excited when he gets new ones.

And of course…we have to round out the basket with an Easter/Spring book. 

I’m thinking about grabbing him a personalized Easter basket if they go on sale this year. It’s about time I go ahead and get that done before he gets too old and cool for it. 😝


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