Literacy on the Water – Toddler Style

I love looking at mom pages on Facebook for different weekend events…and not too long I saw this one. I usually screenshot them and when Saturday rolls around I can flip through the pictures and see all of the events I was interested in throughout the week, instead of searching through all of the groups and pages again. If I don’t screenshot it when I see it..I will never remember it or be able to find it again.

I wasn’t too sure what it would be…but we got there early before it got too hot.

It wasn’t overly crowded either. Yes. It was on the water…and it was a gorgeous day. I know, I know..It is something that I know we are spoiled with. Most of the events we attend have a beautiful Florida backdrop.


Each business that participated chose a children’s book and built a craftivity around it.

I’m not sure if they had to tell the craft to the planners because there were a few crafts that were exactly alike. Hucklebaby didn’t notice though.


Pinkalicious wands… well, Billiam wasn’t around so we made one…. hehehe…






So this one table had no books…no crafts…but they had bandaids and toothbrushes. Holy Moly. This is toddler jackpot. I can’t even explain the fascination Hucklebaby has right now with toothbrushes and bandaids.





The park where the event was, was located directly beside a railroad track… this was the closest we had ever been to a moving train. This conductor saw a park of kids and kept that horn going. He knew what he was doing.  Hucklebaby couldn’t take his eyes off of it. He couldn’t decide if he liked it or needed to get in the car immediately. Once it passed he begged for it to come back… 🙂





George was there!!! Yes, our first celebrity run in. 

Free crafts, books, trains and George. It was a great day. Thanks ELC!


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