Non-Candy Cupid 

I’m sure I get it from my mother…but I feel like every holiday needs a little something special. OK…maybe a basket of goodies. I don’t go crazy, but while my kids are little I really want them to enjoy the holidays as much as I remember enjoying them. I know they won’t have the school parties I used to have or the celebrations because it takes away from instructional time…

Those days at school were the best, and I hate knowing that they are missing out on that as soon as they are in elementary school.

I don’t go overboard with candy. In fact I try to avoid candy as much as possible. Because we have stepped up baking in our house, we always have sugar around. Honestly, the last thing we need is more sugar.

This is what Hucklebaby’s Cupid Basket looks like. I still haven’t figured out if Cupid brings it or if mom and dad do. Anyone else have a suggestion? Who delivers the Valentine Basket?  

I have started a collection of fun baking pans for the kitchen… No way am I spending $20 a pan though. If you wait until the day or two before whatever holiday you are buying for Joann’s has them for 70% off usually and sometimes you can even get a discount on top of that. I was able to get the heart pan, icing and sprinkles for less than $10 after the discounts and coupons. No, I’m not a crazy coupon lady…I just get their texts and coupons in the mail.

I was also able to get the heart wooden pallet for a few dollars instead of $10 because of the 70% off. I love keeping these and decorating the house year after year. The Target Dollar spot is another great place to grab non-candy goodies. I always grab bath items when they have them. I really like “consumable” toys/ gifts. They are one less thing that clutters up the house, but still serve a purpose. 

Here are a few more things I grabbed from Target. Each one was only $1.

These blind bag items…they are a bit pricy for what they are $3-$5…but he absolutely loves them right now (thanks YouTube) and he doesn’t get them often. Plus I like them too. I just wish they had more geared toward some of the boy Disney shows, although we do love Callie and Doc. 

Cupid delivers…

Plus I couldn’t post my Valentine’s post without including this adorable picture of Hucklebaby. He woke me up to Banana Fosters pancakes, white roses and a framed picture of him and the baby (still working on a nickname here). He’s started writing letters in pancake batter…I promise to do another post about that soon. But he knows my letter is M…so he made me an M. Too much adorable to handle sometimes. 

Happy Valentine’s Day from ours to yours.


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