Let Them Be Little

As I’m going through my pictures, I honestly can’t believe that this little boy doesn’t seem so little anymore. I know they say time flies…but that’s an understatement. Although I can’t wait to see the man he grows into I wish I could stop things. I wish that I could pause what I’m doing and linger a little longer in the moments. Even the ones that drive me crazy. I love his laugh. I love his joking personality. These pictures are easily 2 years old by now… 🙂


Sometimes I wonder if he will ever remember a time without his little brother. The weekends that we had time alone. I love watching the two boys together now…and I make sure that we still have our mommy/son time together, but I have sudden mommy guilt still when I can’t give him all of the one on one attention he used to have. I know that comes with the territory… but it’s a struggle.


These pictures seem like ages ago…but I remember each moment vividly, like they were yesterday. I still remember rushing through my daily tasks to make sure we could squeeze everything in…and although I probably could have lingered in each moment a little longer, I hope he remembers I was there…trying to show him the fun in the world.


My little boy isn’t so little anymore and I guess as I sit here planning his 4th birthday party it’s all hitting me in an unexpected way.


This mischevious little face…


His adventurous spirit…


and non-stop cuddles that I absolutely love.

My little Hucklebaby…


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