Packing for Preschool

How is it possible my six months has come and gone? It’s time for my little guy to start school, and while I go back and forth multiple times a day on whether I should stay home or not…right now, it’s just not the time.

It is much easier this time around though because he will be at the same school as Hucklebaby. I already know all of the teachers and am comfortable with where he will be. That really does make all of the difference.

I have come to the conclusion that my 45 minute commute each day is too much. That’s 1.5 hours each day I’m not with my kiddos and it’s starting to get to me. Mom guilt. It never gets easier.

But anyway…back to packing for preschool…

So the list is pretty standard. I’m scared that I’m going to forget something though. Honestly, the smaller the person, the more stuff they require. I’m also in the middle of typing up a list of how his day looks. Honestly, I know how important routine is for little ones, but when we stay at home together I never stay to a strict schedule. I just pay attention to his moods and what he’s telling me. It’s hard to put on paper what that means… “when he starts grunting he wants to lay down, when he starts swinging his hands and arms he wants to eat…”

Everything has to be labeled. I ordered Oliver’s Labels with Hucklebaby and was happy with them so I made sure to order them again. Sharpie comes off after a while. So if it’s something that is washed and reused over and over…get the washable stickers.

I’m hoping this is all he needs to get started. I grabbed the cute monster bag from the Dollar Spot at Target and thought it would be perfect to send home dirty bottles and clothes each day. It doesn’t take up too much space in a cubby, and my diaper bag is really just my large 31 bag. I wasn’t thrilled with the lunch box selection at Target. If I had girls there were tons of choices, but with a boy it was black or blue or Paw Patrol. I mean seriously… step up your game boy lunch box selections…

I was scrolling through Instagram and found the picture for when my oldest started preschool. Most of the supplies were the same, although he didn’t start until he was 11 month.

This little boy is absolutely perfect and I hope he enjoys school as much as his brother.


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