Team USA square donuts…

So most Saturday mornings we try to get into the kitchen and make something from scratch. Although a box mix is nice now and then, as I’ve gotten older, they’ve started tasting artificial to me. Does that make sense?

Last night we tried to get Hucklebaby into the Olmpics. We called him in to watch the opening ceremonies, and were all gung-ho USA. He couldn’t have cared less. Let’s just say the Olympic ceremony didn’t really capture the heart of a three year old.

Donuts. That’s what captures the heart of a three year old. We found this super simple recipe on Your Homebased Mom and went for it…

I love having him measure different ingredients. You have no idea how much kids struggle with this in school as they get older. This is something super simple parents can help their kids with from a young age. I also let him do the mixing and spooning in of ingredients. Building up those fine motor skills. If they can do it, let them do it. It’s OK if it makes a mess. Messy means learning.

So clearly we started out making donuts, but I couldn’t find the donut pan anywhere. I grabbed this brownie pan from Pampered Chef, that I think I have used for a million things and never brownies.

Then after all of that…it’s like the universe was like oh, here you go…your donut pan.

So we had 3 donuts and the rest were square. They still taste the same and were a bit fun. 🙂

Time to glaze it up kids!

You know all of the sprinkles we didn’t use for Fourth of July? Well they are perfect for Olympic baking. Same with his shirt. Yep, that’s his Fourth of July parade shirt. I’m not sure what other time he would wear it…but today was a perfect day.

I’m not quite sure what was going on with the frosting…but we were being creative.

Here’s to you Team USA.


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