When to let it go…

I’m not a hoarder. Not that I think anyway. I’m sure my husband has something different to say about it. When I was single I had tons of apartment storage and an entire garage all to myself. To me a garage has never been for an actual car, it just means MORE storage.

For years I was able to stock up on whatever craft supplies I wanted, use them for a few weeks until I wanted to move on to something else, and store them for later. This continued and it’s never been a problem. I could bounce back and forth between projects and already have most everything I needed.

Until now. I’m a mom of two and I have craft supply guilt. 

The more that happens in life, the further back my supplies have gotten. Every time I pass them in the garage or shift them around to make room for little boy stuff…the guilt gets me. That’s when I knew it was time. I grabbed one thing from the garage (beads for this one) and decided it was time to let them go. I could easily justify why I should keep them. They don’t take up much room, I have a project planned with them, some are new, some are vintage…

I have plenty of excuses to keep them. But it’s time. It’s time to let them go. So I listed them on eBay. It always feels a little like a personal violation to sell stuff to complete strangers…and know that no matter what the auction goes up to it will never be what I feel the value truly is. So I packaged these up and will ship them out tomorrow. It’s time. My life has shifted to little boy activities and mom adventures. That doesn’t include beading.

I am hoping that each week I will be able to part with a few more things. To make a little more room, and to get rid of the lonely craft guilt that has been on me for all of the things I have in the garage.

My supplies deserve a good home…


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