Flocked Friday 

Each year I feel like I need something more festive in my kitchen. I don’t have much room though so it’s a bit difficult. So when I stumbled upon this image on Pinterest I knew this would be something easy to do…until I realized I had 20 cabinets. That meant 20 wreaths. Even cheap wreaths at $5 each were gonna be too pricy for a simple kitchen decoration…


Then I saw Michaels Black Friday door buster sale items. $2 wreaths. If I was gonna do it, now was the time. I wasn’t going to find wreaths that size for $1 anytime soon.

I didn’t get too excited because I didn’t know how many they would have, and my luck they would all be gone by the time I got there. Apparently in my mind there would be a mad dash for $2 wreaths. Clearly no one wanted wreaths but me.

I grabbed my 20… plus ribbon that was 50% off.

Now time to wander the store and just “look at a few more things”. Which leads me to the flocked tree.

For years I have wanted a flocked tree. Don’t ask me why. I see them all over Pinterest and Instagram and want to go out and buy one.

But you know what’s expensive…. a flocked tree… is flocking expensive. (You see what I did there) 🙂

How cozy do those trees look?

This tree was starting at me. It followed me around the store. It was calling my name. It reminded me that even though it was 50% off…I still had an additional 20% coupon.

Then I found out they were completely sold out. That only made me want it more. It was done. If I let the store without this tree, I would think about it for years to come. I clearly have flocking issues.

I do have to say the employees at this Michaels were the nicest I have ever experienced and in no time had the floor model down and packed for me.

My only problem is that I was so blinded by wanting it after I found they were all sold out, that I didn’t factor in how big the box would be, or how I was going to transport it home.

That’s a big flocking box. (seriously, it’s so fun to say flocking)

Now I can’t wait to get new ornaments to go with it.

But I have to promise not to buy anymore Christmas trees in the next few years… um…ok…


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