Happy Birthday Little Man 

I don’t have a baby anymore. That’s still and odd thought for me. How is he one already? With our oldest we, of course, had a party…but with the little one I wasn’t too worried because we had planned on going to Atlanta on his birthday weekend. It was going to be simple to find something fun to do there. But as with any plans, those were canceled a week or so before we were leaving. No time to plan a party. (enter mom guilt here) There are a lot of things moms can feel guilty about. Not throwing their child a birthday party is absolutely one of them.

I’m already prepared for him to ask me about it in 20 years…

No party doesn’t mean no cake though… so the night before, I busted out all of the essentials. 

I didn’t have a deep dark blue so I used violet instead… looking back I would have skipped this color, just because it was a little too purple-y for my liking. I left it on the cake though simply because I’m last minute with everything. 

As I was mixing my colors I stabbed the toothpicks into the cake, it looked “Game of Thrones” to me so I had to snap a picture. 🙂 

I had no rhyme or reason to how I iced it, only that I wanted more of an hombre effect… but some of the techniques I saw on Pinterest were so detailed. Since I wasn’t having an actually party where anyone was going to SEE the cake… I opted for the messy “natural” cake icing effect. 

I sent a picture to my mom and her next question was… “What’s going on top?” Crap… now for something on top. Out to the garage to dig through my supplies.

A tiny cake pinnate it is. Super duper easy.  

I hate the look of the cardboard on the bottom. I also don’t like the look of aluminum foil over the cardboard on the bottom. I carefully cut it off and put it on a wooded platter I had from Target. All in all this was a $10 birthday??? Probably less.

Happy Birthday little man… ❤ ❤


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