Tidying Up 

I would consider myself an organized person… but then I see what organized people do in their houses and think there is absolutely NO WAY I am organized. I’m not sure why organizing videos on YouTube are addicting… but they absolutely are to me. Honestly, I enjoy watching them before I go to sleep. They are extremely relaxing to me.

You can totally judge me for this… I mean it’s super embarrassing AND it was in the guest bathroom. I’m sure every person that came for a visit and took a little sneak peak and was appalled.

I gutted the entire thing.

5 Perineal Icepacks? Seriously? For real? I haven’t used them after two kids being born… I’m never using them. To the trash.

I actually filled up the bathroom trashcan. Twice. With stuff that had seen its better days.

You don’t realize how dirty stuff gets when there are layers upon layers of stuff on top of it. This cabinet required a full scrub down and I’m still not thrilled with how dingy it looks. Billiam has talked about getting a new sink/ vanity so I didn’t go crazy on it yet. How do people have white things in their house? Is there a trick?

I grabbed these vertical organizers on Amazon after recommendations from Home Organizing by Alexandra.tv I do like how they separate everything but if you have product in tall bottles they aren’t too practical.

Once I find my label maker, I’m going to label these for easy use by guests. It’s not as embarrassing anymore. There clearly is still a lot I need to use to clean this up a bit more… but I feel much better about it. I would love to be able to store guest towels in there soon but baby steps. I am no where close to that yet. I found so many bottles of product shoved in the back that we can go for months without having to buy some things. I love that…but also hate that I let it get to that point.

This kid was super excited that he found more bath soaps he forgot he had, I forgot he had them too. I asked him to help me keep it clean…. hopefully we can work on this together. 


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