Kiddo Art Gallery 

Another school fundraiser? Yep. But this was one I was kinda excited about.

Since both of my boys go to the same school now, I’m all about getting them what they need. As a teacher I always knew how much money I spent on my classroom, I know their teachers do the same thing… so whatever I can do to lessen that strain I’m happy to help with.

I was quite impressed with how they planned the event. I have seen elementary school art nights that were not nearly as thought out and organized. Because of the layout of the school it was easier to have the gallery outside and the projects in different rooms.

Add a hat and we are fancy…(sorry it’s a little blurry)

Each classroom selected a different artist to study. Even the infant room.

Not quite sure what this is exactly but it is now sitting proudly on my living room shelf.

Dad’s wearing ties. It’s serious business.

This lady right here is amazing. I’m so sad we had to leave her in the infant room when the little one moved to the ones room.

They even took pictures of the kids creating the art and attached it to the back of the pieces.

Now of course you did not have to “buy” the art work but since it was a fundraiser, all of the money went to the school, so we did.

Is rock painting a huge deal where you are? For some reason it has become a huge deal in Florida.

This rock is now also sitting proudly on my shelf.

Fine motor skill activities at their best. I do love when I get teeny tiny bracelets that I will never be able to wear. I keep all of them though.

So if you are looking to organize a fundraiser…consider a family art night.


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