Disney Springs – TREX Cafe

Because it’s summertime Hucklebaby was able to spend last week with his grandparents, so we drove to North Central Florida this morning to pick him up (it’s been so quiet without him around). “Little H” will go with him in a few years, but right now he gets grandparent week all to himself.

A few days before we went up Billiam and I decided it would be a nice surprise to take the boys to the TREX Cafe at Disney Springs, or as I still call it Downtown Disney. None of us had ever been. But then again, no one in our house had been OBSESSED with dinosaurs until now. I had initially made reservations for September as part of a birthday weekend but was able to change them quite easily online.

This is what I call #disneystruggles. Of course my brand new super huge umbrella that had been in the car, was no longer there… don’t ask me…ask Billiam. That meant we spent an unusually long among of time in World of Disney ( a super huge souvenir store). Of course I found a shirt I had to have, and I LOVE it!

Yes, it’s only a Mickey Pretzel, but it’s totally me. So is this kiddo with the Star Wars ears.

This is what happens when you look at everything and the rain still hasn’t stopped.

Stickers on the neck? Sure… why not…

The boys were ready to walk around…although everything was wet.

He does things like this on his own… and it always makes me laugh.

I was going to take a picture of the outside of the TREX Cafe but it was BUSY. Like lines everywhere, craziness lines. The rain made everyone seek shelter and people that didn’t have reservations now really needed a table. Luckily our reservations got us in almost immediately, and we showed up 25 minutes early. Out of the way non-reservation makers… 😉

We were quickly ushered to the Ice Age room. I don’t know if that’s the official name for it…but it was a room of fossils and ice.

Throughout the meal the room changes colors. When it is blue, everything is blue. When it is pink, everything is pink. You get the picture. It was doing strange things with my old eyes but the boys loved it. Every 15 minutes all of the rooms “come alive”…of course those are the best parts. Next time I think I will try to ask for a room with more actual dinosaur figures. I think the boys would enjoy that even more.

$8 souvenir cup? Sure. How often do you get to drink out of a dino head?

We were able to walk around a snap pictures of the other rooms, but like I said it was so busy. I don’t know if it’s like that al the time or if there would be a better time to really enjoy all of the dinosaurs. Our waitress, Amy, said that rainy days are busiest. It makes sense.

I was able to get this picture on our way out. Walking in there were WAY too many people in front of it to even see it.

Of course on the way out we swung by the LEGO store. Hulk Smash!

I can’t even deal with this cuteness. I think they missed each other. It was the longest they had ever been away from each other.


I would say he enjoyed his day too.


Until we meet again Disney. ❤


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