My House looks like Cracker Barrel 

Does anyone else take random screenshots of things they absolutely love? I have so many random pictures on my phone of projects I want to do, so when I randomly tell my mom to keep her eyes open for broken chair backs…she does.

How amazing are these? I love looking at all of her work.

So when my mom called and told me she found chair backs at an antique store for $1 and asked if I wanted them I, of course, said yes. I knew that I wasn’t going to be able to make the wooden frames for them though, not now anyway, with a fractured femur (that story for a different day).

Billiam humored me and painted one gray. He even pulled out a saw and cut parts of the back down per my request.

I’m so proud of him… he didn’t even ask why I wanted to hang old broken chair halves on the wall. He just did it.

I’m hoping that when the weather cools off I can take these down and fully finish the project. For now, this is what they will look like. I really have no desire for my house to look like Cracker Barrel but I fear that is what is happening. 🙂

My entryway.


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