#tbt- Krispy Kreme Halloween

I’ve been considering upgrading my phone. I still have the iPhone 5. Yes, 5. I didn’t think that was a problem…but randomly this past week everyone has had some sort of comment about it. I mean, it’s not a flip phone… but it got me going through my photos to make sure everything is synced in case I do decide to upgrade.

I completely forgot to post our Halloween shenanigans. How is that possible? I love Halloween. But then I remembered the blur of Halloween week. All of the events and sugar. So. Much. Sugar.

I remember when I first asked H what he wanted to be for Halloween. A donut. Completely his idea. My kid wanted to be a donut. Not only that, he wanted the whole family to dress as donuts. I don’t think he has realized yet that not all families dress alike. So as long as my kids want to dress in family costumes, I will 100% make that happen.

A donut in my world is Krispy Kreme. There is nothing else to say about that. Don’t try. But when I went to a Krispy Kreme in GA (because we have none near us) they would not sell me an apron. I was told they were only for employees, but I did see a “Now Hiring Sign”. Oh yeah, I thought about it. 🙂 So if I can’t buy it… I guess I’ll have to make it.

Phase One: Aprons complete.

Now for the kids. Go buy a donut costume at the store? That would be way too easy. I never noticed all of the donut costumes being sold either had pink frosting, or pink sprinkles. H would not have it. Again, I can’t buy it… they must be made.

I didn’t want to sew them, so I busted out the glue. Looking back that wasn’t the best idea, because you know what happens when you put a donut around a one year olds neck??? He destroys it. Glue can’t hold up to a one year old that doesn’t want to wear a donut.

I hope they always want to have matching costumes. But I know I only have a few more years of that… at most.

We don’t really have Trick-or-Treating in our neighborhood, so we headed to a friend of mine…but stopped at the mall for their Trick or Treat event first. One store was handing out fresh donuts. So of course I had to take a picture of my big donut with my small one.

We were lucky enough my mom was in town for Halloween and went out with us.

True or false: she already had all of this in her office and not just for Halloween…

That would be a HUGE true. And please don’t call her Hermione. She’s a Hufflepuff. I have learned that the hard way. She is a die-hard Potterhead.

You know when you try to get those great family pictures? Yeah…me too.

Happy #tbt Halloween!!!


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