Kid Friendly New Year’s Party Ideas

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My husband and I decided years ago that we stay home on New Year’s Eve. There is just something fun about ringing in the New Year with your kids. Sure, we invite people over but it is nothing over the top…each year we add a little something new to our celebration as we build traditions. Take advantage of all of the Christmas decorations on sale and grab anything that is gold or sparkly. Think noisemakers, confetti, and glitter!

Finger Foods – don’t throw anything new at your kids. This is not the time to be adventurous. Start with something they like and then add a twist to it. They are more likely to try it if it is something familiar.
Fun Drinks – Add gummy candies or cotton candy to juice or soda to make it special and memorable to them. Be Mixed is a great sugar-free, calorie free mixer that kids will have fun using, and adults can add anything special to it as well.
When I was a kid (and even now) I could never find those personalized cups with my names… check these Boii Messanger Mugs out… these are great for New Years and to use daily… no matter what the occasion.
If your kids are eating and drinking…get them involved in the making and the cleaning… Earth Friendly Products offers family and kid-friendly plant-based cleaners to keep the evening going. They have been a family-owned company for the past 50 years and know the importance of an eco-friendly product.
I’m absolutely in love with disconnecting and playing games. Yes, games. Look at this retro game set from Olive and Cocoa. This is a great gift to send your favorite family as they ring in the New Year. It’s a great conversation starter and gets the kids away from screens, at least for a little bit. Game Night in a Can will get you and your family up and active when you need some energy flowing.
Two of my absolute favorite activities are portrait painting and yearly time capsules.
Make sure to grab these free New Years Time Capsule printables… print enough for each person and include them in your time capsule along with your favorite pictures. Bring this out in future years and talk about all of the memories from 2017…. And portrait painting. Super easy and simply amazing. No peeking. Each family member gets another, and an hour to paint their masterpiece. Something perfect to keep for years to come.

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