An Easy Way To Make Your Own Snow

The rest of the country is covered in SNOW!!!! We have none. I’m probably the only person in Florida that is sad about that.

I know this isn’t as fun as the real stuff… but it leaves your yard smelling great after you are done playing with it. True story… Bill just walked in the house complimenting how our yard smells. Too funny.

All you need is to mix 3 cups of Bakings Soda with 1/2 cup of white conditioner. Other stuff will work too but it will just leave you with colored snow. Mom tip: Always buy the big box of Baking Soda. You use it for cleaning, for baking and for kid projects… It’s something cheap to use for a lot of different activities.


Mix it together until you have a soft snow consistency and it packs together for snowballs. Your kids can do this part too.

We even pulled out our Paw Patrol Advent Calendar figurines. They were perfect to play within the snow.

We even made Paw Patrol Snow Angles.

Then it’s time to line them up for a snowball fight.

Even though we have no real snow here, we get to pretend for a little bit.


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