While I’m Away Bags

I don’t leave my kids often, and in fact last year Bill and I didn’t get away because of my knee surgery… but this Spring Break we knew we needed an adult trip. 5 days away… just us alone. We’ve never left them for that long before.

I’m sure these bags were more for me than for the kids, but each night we called to check in on them they had another bag they could open. It also helped them understand how many more days we would be gone.

I didn’t go overboard on spending (which I easily could have) and grabbed most of the presents at the Dollar Spot or Five Below. I tried to keep in mind things that they could enjoy, but wouldn’t add too much clutter to an already packed playroom.

Notice the purple bags? Yeah, I already had those in my garage from a previous project. No need to buy new bags, just use containers you already have.

Day 1 – These are travel sized Wooly Willy’s – I have such great memories of a large one of these as a child, and Candy Buttons.

Day 2 – Chalk for the chalkboard in the kitchen and the one in their room. This was something they had already been asking for, and was the perfect time to give it to them. Also with a nighttime snack and bedtime story. Both of the boys love Dinosaurs, and this is an easy read for my soon Kindergartener to have in his collection.

Day 3 – These “mushroom” cookies are yummy. We grabbed them at Five Below before and everyone loved them. Plus BATH SLIME —- who doesn’t love bath products?

Day 4 – I found these neat Orbee Molecule kits on clearance and we still use them with other Orbees they have.

Day 5 – A straw building kit, old school ray guns for the bathtub and wax candy. 🙂

I had the bags set on our dining room table so they knew exactly when we were coming back.

If you know you’re going to be gone even for one night, start planning ahead and check out the sales and clearance sections to find fun items for your bags.


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