A Few New Baby Shower Games

OK, so maybe it’s called a sprinkle for the second child, but I still call it a shower.

The great thing about this is it was for a girl! Something I’ve never experienced as a #boymom. I never get to buy bows and pink. So when I was asked to co-host a sprinkle I absolutely said yes. The mom-to-be has a daughter the same age as Hucklebaby.  In fact they went to preschool together for many years, and we still do dinner dates.

I really had to sort through baby shower “games” to find ones that I had never played and weren’t ones that people would roll their eyes at. You know exactly what I’m talking about. I kinda hate how uncomfortable baby showers are. There. I said it.

First up — it’s not really a game, but an activity. Two activities. Baby Head bows and Baby Bibs.

While people are walking around visiting and chatting, it’s something that is easy to do, fun and creative. Those are my go tos. I of course ordered everything on Amazon so depending on what you are looking for.

Print the headband sign here. Thank you so much to I Heart Naptime for already having this. This measurements on there are perfect. Just make sure to have a ruler or measuring tape close by.

I will say people preferred paint over markers. I did too. This sign I found by JoJoMiMi on Etsy. I really do need to get comfortable designing my own signs. It’s on my list… but for now check out what these wonderful women have created.

This was an activity even the littles could get involved in as well as soon-to-be big sister.

This next game wasn’t my idea but I really enjoyed it. Plus is was fast and easy, and you probably already have all of the supplies.

Draw a baby on your head. Best looking baby wins. Another way to have soon to be siblings involved.

I enjoyed looking at all of the babies, they were pretty awful. In a good way of course.

This game can get a little pricey, but if you include it as part of your gift or have a few people contribute the items it perfect.

Baby Shower Price is Right — just like how it sounds.

Everyone gets their own price tags to make their guesses – closest to the price without going over wins that round. The person with the most wins after we went through all of the items, wins. Of course, if you have a tie, you could always have an extra product for a showcase showdown. You can print out the large signs here and small tags here. I wrote the item name on the back of each tag so my mom brain didn’t get them mixed up and only placed them on the product after everyone had written down their guesses. Make sure the winner of each round writes their name on their tag (that’s how I kept mine organized).

And I’ve gotten so into balloons these days. Totally random right? I know I have a lot to learn about “ballooning” but here is my very fast 10-minute balloon attempt. These 36′ balloons are life. Amazon…of course. Invest in a balloon pump. It’s totally worth it.

If you watch my instastories you saw these “in progress”…. I still need some serious work on my cookie making skills…. but one thing at a time, right? 🙂

I’ll make sure to post when I explore more cookie decorating.


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