Earth Day Seed Pods

Earth Day is almost here!!!!

OK… maybe it’s not that exciting, but wanting to get the kids involved in helping our planet, I knew we needed to do something with seeds. We planted vegetables a couple of weeks ago and the boys have been so excited to water them and check on them every day, I knew I needed to keep that excitement going.

These are technically called ‘Seed Bombs’ but calling them ‘Seed Pods’ seems a bit more Earth Friendly.

All you need is water, construction paper, blender, strainer, seeds. We had everything already – except the seeds.

I had the boys tear up the construction paper into tiny pieces. This is an easy way to get all ages involved. We used blue and green construction paper so they would look like the Earth.

I mean look at this kid. I can’t even. He’s such a great helper.

Saturate the pieces for about 5-10 minutes.

Once they are fully saturated, put them in a blender along with some of the water to help make it into a paper smoothie.

My delicious looking paper smoothie bowl.

Have the little hands strain as much excess water out as you can. This will help in the drying process.

Fill the mold or tin halfway with paper and add your seeds. Then cover the rest with paper and press down as tightly as you can. This will make all of the pieces stick together when they are dry.

Let them air dry. This will be different for each person depending on how much paper you use, and how much water is still left in the paper. Ours took about 48 hours to dry.

You can use this for a lot of different holidays and once you make them a few times, even gifts.

You can toss them into a dirt area where you want flowers to grow (the paper will dissolve).

Or you can give them as a gift to someone to plant. The possibilities are endless.


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