Perfect Potluck Dish – Quick and Easy

I am not claiming this is healthy by any means, but it is a simple go to that we have been using for a few years now and it is always a hit. Four ingredients is all you really need for the base, add anything else and it’s up to you. It is a super easy side to make the day before or as you are running out the door.

We had this for the first time at a family BBQ and my husband insisted I find who brought it and get the recipe. I will admit it was very good and once I found out what it was, I honestly thought they were leaving something out because they didn’t want me to recreate it. You know what I mean? 🙂

All it was – corn (I add a bit of Fiesta Corn too), bell pepper, mayo, and Fritos. Everything to taste. Just throw it all together, no measuring here.

That’s it. Of course, you can add onion and cheese. Get fancy if you’d like. Or different flavored Fritos. I’m sure the Honey BBQ ones would add a nice kick. The more carbs the better right.

I do think it tastes better if you can refrigerate it a few hours before the event. Just don’t add the Fritos until it is being served. They get soggy and then the dish loses its crunch. The crunch is the best part.

Might not be the most attractive dish, but it sure is yummy. I promise you will get compliments on the easiest Potluck dish you’ve ever made.

Only people from the South add corn chips to corn and call it a salad.


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