Monster Birthday Bash

So how long does it take the normal average person to plan a birthday party? I’m asking because I’ve already started idea boards for parties years down the road. Normal right?

I get excited about planning it out and adding details where I can. My 5-year-old was excited to help me so I made sure to find projects he could help me out with as we were planning the Monster Bash.

Starting with rocks. The rocks were easy to paint and add around our truck bed and mulch areas. Just a little touch.



Because it was a party for two-year-olds, I knew a piñata wasn’t going to really work. But a punch board was more in line with the age group. This was a bit more difficult to cut out than I thought, but probably because I had an old Exacto and should have just gone to get a box cutter.

Look at those terrible circles. It worked out, but if I ever make another one I want to make sure I have a much sharper blade.

See how I put the pom-poms around the monsters…that was only to hide my uneven circles.

I also decided to cut out and paint monster cut outs, but for some reason, I don’t have an after picture.

I will say Oriental Trading had some cute monsters to choose from and were nice accents to the rest of the party as well as favors.

Take a look at my dining room table. It can only look like this a few days before the party or my husband starts to twitch, but this is real life. This is what you don’t see on Pinterest boards.

Monster pretzels are super easy to make, just buy candy eyes and use a variety of sprinkles.

Marshmallows are the same way. If you are wondering I found the stand at Hobby Lobby.

Play-Doh table anyone? The kids loved this but it became a mess in less than a minute.

Blocks from the playroom we had from a previous construction themed party.

This is an easy board to have in the play room and change out the pieces based on what your kids are interested in. I simply laminate the paper pieces and add magnetic tape to the back.


One thought on “Monster Birthday Bash

  1. Wow! That party looks amazing! I have yet to do a real party for my son. It’s all been just family so far. But this year I’m hoping to do like a 10th of this. Lol. There are so many incredible ideas in here. I’m going to start my planning board today.

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