Easy and Simple Farmhouse 4th of July Decorations

Soooooo… in all truth, this project started in the spring as an Easter project. The project was finished. However, I failed to post it on my blog. No worries. 🙂 Since this project is something I made to go with all the holidays I can post it now.

I love things that I can switch out with each season or holiday. I was inspired to do this when I went to a friends house and she had fabric stretched over canvas. I’m pretty sure she bought it at the store that way, as I have seen it other places now. But wanted to take that idea and make it into something I could change out.

I’ve also seen pictures of Gallery Style walls using cross stitch hoops/frames so I married the two together.

The project is simple really. Pick out the number of hoops you want, and find seasonal fabric to go in them. I’ll let you think how amazing I am for a minute here.

No, but really. It couldn’t be easier.

I think I would like to get a few more to put in other places around the house to tie them together.

If you’re interested in doing this, I started at Joann’s but any fabric store will do. The hoops were tricky though. The large ones are in the fabric/quilting section, while the small ones are in the cross stitch section.

I laid them out on the floor to get an idea for how big it would be and to make a final decision about how many I wanted of each size. 

Do not pay full price for fabric. Don’t do it. You can get great deals once it goes on sale, and I promise you don’t need too much for some of the smaller hoops.

These were my Easter selections. I was going for something soft. 

I took the hoops to the counter with me and told the girl what I was doing. She was super helpful and after she could see what I was doing, cut the perfect amount of fabric for me…so I didn’t have to guess.

I laid them out like this so she could go at her own speed. I was quite lucky that she was the same girl when I went back for my 4th of July fabric. I only took the cut swatches in that time with me. The process worked the same way.

When I got them home, I stretched them out and hung them up. In future years or holidays, I suppose I could add more detail to them but I’m happy with the look of them now.

Here it is. The Easter version.

Happy Decorating!



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