Back to School – All About Me Time Capsule

This summer has been all about getting ready for Kindergarten. I honestly can’t believe we are already planning the school supplies we need. Picking out backpacks and lunch boxes. My oldest is headed to elementary school and I can’t wrap my head around it.

As part of our getting ready for back to school, we are doing a major clean out. This will help with our daily routines and make sure we have everything we need to have a great start to the year.

I wanted to make sure we didn’t get rid of anything that was important this year. The year before Kindergarten. The VPK year. I grabbed one of these containers from my local craft store when it was on sale, but any container you have will work. I like this kind because I can store it easily and each year stack on top.

I didn’t want to make this time capsule something he could never touch, but something we could pull out and talk about. Remembering all of his favorite toys and events of the year.



It is funny what items he picked out to put in his ‘super special’ time capsule. He was a bit hesitant because he thought he was getting rid of them…so I’m sure next year once he realizes he gets to keep everything, just in a special location, he will add more.


The time capsule has a lot of his favorites, and honestly, everything about it reminds me of him. Paw Patrol, Incredibles, dinosaurs. A rock he painted to hide, but loved it too much to actually hide it. His first tickets and Minion bracelet to Universal. A broken fidget spinner, because he can’t really play with that one “anymore anyway”.

I can’t forget the Chuck E. Cheese card either. That’s like a black AmEx around here. See that Fingerling? He played with it for about a minute (purple was the only one Santa could find) but he made the final list for the capsule.



He did want to add a few of his art pieces from VPK and his graduation shirt. A little wrinkled, but packs in there nicely.



But before we finished I wanted to add a finishing touch. A final interview. An All About Me. I also made sure he had a space to write his name because I know it will change over the years.



I loved listening to all of his answers. Of course if your kids are older they can fill the whole thing out themselves.



Download Now: All About Me

I printed mine on colored paper just because I liked the way it looked. You could also use different colors for different kids if you are doing more than one.

I love starting new traditions with my boys. Do you have any back to school traditions? What are you most excited about for the school year?



3 thoughts on “Back to School – All About Me Time Capsule

  1. Love this Marianna Frances. Recognized Haven before I read his name. Enjoyed reading why he picked certain items. My grandchildren found some of the rocks Haven painted and didn’t keep. They were ecstatic!!!

  2. Awn I love that idea! It’s a bittersweet feeling when our babies start kindergarten. I still remember as if it was yesterday when my oldest started kindergarten. This year she will start middle school!! I can’t even believe it! They grow way to fast! I will definitely use your idea for my girls! I love it!

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