Why Does the Moon Have Craters??? Moon Day Activity

I didn’t really know Moon Day was a thing until I randomly saw it posted somewhere. So I dug a little further to find out more. Moon Day is the anniversary of the first time we walked on the moon. 7/20/69. So each July 20th is now “Moon Day”. Now you know.



For this activity, you honestly probably have everything, if not you can get them from the dollar store. Shaving cream, white toothpaste, black poster board and a softball. We used wiffle balls simple because we have a whole bunch of them.



I’m not exactly sure what it means but when I was squirting a circle of toothpaste on the poster board my kids thought it was totally normal. I guess they have learned not to question it.



The circle does not have to be perfect, mine was far from. Use a mixture of toothpaste and shaving cream. If you only have one or the other, that will work too. I used both simply to get more

coverage and I didn’t like just how the toothpaste looked.


I was waiting for one of them to forget they were spreading toothpaste and lick the spatula. It didn’t happen.



Keep adding shaving cream until you get about an inch away from the board. Remember you want the asteroids (foam balls) to make craters.



This was a fun excuse to get messy.



Now prop up your moon somewhere outside… like I said it gets messy. Hand your kids their asteroids. As they throw the asteroids at the moon, every time one hits it, craters form.



Let’s just pretend this is exactly what the moon looks like.



You never know when an asteroid is gonna fly by.



Ta-da! Look at this crater. I was actually super impressed by it, on his first throw.



And now he can explain to anyone… Why does the moon have craters?



Happy Moon Day!


2 thoughts on “Why Does the Moon Have Craters??? Moon Day Activity

  1. This is so cool! Next year! Lol we missed it by 3 days! We love space and science and also never knew about Moon Day!

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