A Day At the Palm Beach Zoo

We received a special invite to tour and explore the Palm Beach Zoo…



When we got to the zoo they surprised us with a bag full of zoo information and the cutest little squirrel that Hucklebaby instantly fell in love with.



The first stop was the Lorikeet exhibit. We were able to get a ‘watered down type apple juice’ (I’m sure it’s much more technical than this) to feed the birds.



H was so happy. I thought it was pretty cool too. The birds were much more attentive than I expected and came right over to us. It was a great way to start the day.



I will say if H has a map… he is happy. He figures out exactly where he wants to go and I let him get us there. Zoo maps are great for this because even if we get lost along the way, he is able to read the animal pictures to find exactly where we are.



There are plenty of picture ops along the way…



…and then it started raining. not the thunder and lightning rain… but the normal kind. The kind that a 5-year-old still wants to hang out in.



Um…hello!!! This insect repellent stand is amazing. I wish more places had these. My kids have such sensitive skin when it comes to mosquitos. I do too for that matter.



This past spring The Palm Beach Zoo installed a nature play area for kids. I love the fact that it is a playground made out of natural materials.

They also brought out Miles, a red-footed tortoise to interact with.



Fun fact: we had a red-footed tortoise before the boys were born. Lordus. She died a little before H was born, but she is still buried in the yard.

She wasn’t as big as Miles is.



We will go back soon to see a lot of the animals that took shelter during the storm. They were much smarter than we were. 🙂 They also have kids classes in the fall that we will make sure to join in on.

What are your favorite events to go to at the zoo? Camp, classes, night events?





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