S’mores Cake

When I saw that National S’mores Day was this week I had no other choice than to think about what type of s’mores goodness I could make. I is still way too hot in South Florida to actually enjoy going out and making them the classic way, so that option was off the table.

What I could do was make a S’mores cake. I say cake loosely because it really just is a fancy brownie. So I guess you could say I made a S’mores brownie cake.



You can really add anything sweet to the top of a brownie and it will work.



If you have ever made a poke cake before you will do the same here. A poke cake is simply a cake that you poke holes in before drizzling something else in it. This one is going to be melted marshmallow fluff.



So all I did was make the brownies according to the box, poke holes in it (I used a chopstick) and then spread warmed marshmallow fluff over the holes. A little warning though. If you warm up the fluff in the microwave, it gets big and can make a mess…so use a large bowl. I learned this the hard way.



I do get a lot of people that ask me how I find time to do something, so I thought this was the perfect moment to point out…I’m just making it up as I go along. All of it. If my toddler tells me to wear a bag helmet as he investigates the trash can, I will. There are a lot of stories social media posts don’t show. Although, I did post this one. 🙂



So I used Golden Grahams for this instead of graham crackers. I find they don’t get soggy in fluff and honestly it’s just my personal preference. You can use whichever you like better.



Cover the marshmallow fluff in a layer of graham crackers and then a layer of marshmallows.



Broil. But watch it! This step goes very fast. I broiled on low for just a few minutes. If you step away for too long the whole thing can burn just like a burnt marshmallow over the campfire.



Keep it in and toast as long as you would a marshmallow for your s’more.



Then add hot fudge syrup. Yeah… this thing is delicious. Add a scoop of vanilla ice cream to the side and you are set to celebrate National S’mores day or just a regular Thursday night.



Ingredients needed:

Brownie Box mix (or make brownies from scratch if you’re feeling fancy)

Jar of marshmallow fluff

2 cups of Golden Grahams

2 cups of mini marshmallows

3-4 tablespoons of hot fudge syrup

You can tweak this to your preference. Add or subtract what you like, and just enjoy it!


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