The Best Tip I Can Give You About Toy Story Land

If you looked on any social media this summer, the opening of Toy Story Land was EVERYWHERE. I have to admit, I was living in serious FOMO land. You know, the fear of missing out.

Even when I heard there were 6-hour lines just to get into Toy Story Land, I was sure I was missing something amazing. It was on my list to go as soon as I could.

Enter the Pitt vs. UCF game. Billiam was headed to the game and I had a whole day to myself with the boys. What to do??? What to do??? (wink, wink)

Let’s do this!

The last time I was at Hollywood Studios, I was pregnant with my oldest. 6 years ago. I remember because I had terrible morning sickness but wouldn’t let it damper my day. Anyone else still call it MGM? I always catch myself.

I love the idea of getting ears and hats for the boys, but for my kiddos, it’s not practical at all and I would end up carting around all of them in my mom backpack. We pick out our favorites though and laugh about how funny or adorable we totally are.

Holy sunny day Florida! I mean it’s fall… but the sun was intense. You see all of those people in the back. They were sitting in the little tiny bits of shade they could find. Don’t worry, I pulled the sunshade to block my little one. Grab a few maps and shield yourself.

I’ve never been one to stand in line to meet the characters, but things change when you have kids. They also change when you just need to get out of the sun for a minute. We met a lot of characters when we were there. I’m not sure if it was because there were more there or we were limited on some of the rides for having the little one. Probably both.

Although Walt Disney World is wonderful for all ages, I find the Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom have more options for toddlers.

Meeting characters is a great option for your little ones? Nope. Mine either. This toddler has a distrust of anyone in costume. He gets it honestly. Most of our character photos have him bolting out… or he is already completely gone.

Adorable. A snowman. I could have only wished for him to be real. Have I mentioned it was hot?

We finally made it. It took months but here I am! I clearly wasn’t the only one that was excited. In all honesty, the rest of the park was practically dead. Everyone was in Toy Story Land.

Our first stop there was Woody’s Lunch Box. We were getting seriously hangry. As a vegetarian, sometimes it’s hard at the quick service food locations to have much of a variety. This grilled cheese sandwich was no joke. It has some sort of garlic butter in it too. When I go back, I will enjoy this again.

I love this lunch box pastry too. It does not taste like a Pop Tart, so don’t order it thinking it will. It is a bit more bland, but I’m sure it’s because it is less processed. Still a yummy treat. We actually packed it up for a snack in line.

After one tiny bite of course…

We jumped in line for Slinky Dog. Then after 3 minutes, H started complaining. I didn’t have the heart to tell him the line was 90 minutes long. We quickly got out of line and found another one.

Like a total creeper, I snapped a picture because this family was genius. They had a busy bag for their kids. How have I never thought to do this?

I’m sure if you have read any other review online of Toy Story Land you may have seen people talk about how there is no shade. Let me repeat… there is no shade! I thought people were blowing it out of proportion, but around 2 pm — mama had to go sit down.

Let me clarify. I had to go to the bathroom, soak my head with water, buy multiple bottles of water to put on my neck and arms and sit right by the bathroom door, just in case. It was in that moment I knew I was crazy for being jealous of the summer crowds standing in line for 6 hours.

Goodbye Toy Story Land. Hello Disney Junior.

You need shade? I found it! There is a whole section of Hollywood Studios the has the Disney Junior characters and a whole indoor Star Wars gallery.

Doc McStuffins really did make me feel better!

This is the one character that Harbor didn’t mind standing beside. Probably because it’s a little robot… about his size.

And next was the absolute polar opposite. Chewy was no joke. I was trying not to stare because he was absolutely perfect.

I mean how adorable are we???

If you don’t get yourself a Mickey shaped food item, are you even living? A pretzel is my go to. Finally, the sun was going down and there was a bit of a breeze.

I decided to give Toy Story Land one more try before we left. Listen to me people…. GO AT NIGHT!!!! I would have saved myself a lot of trouble and sweat if I would have enjoyed the other parts of the park first and then visit Woody when everyone else was gone.

Don’t get me wrong, there were still plenty of people there, but the lines were cut in half from earlier in the day and the sun was gone. Two of my problems automatically gone simply because I went in the evening.

One hiccup though. If you go at night you miss out on the cool Instagram worthy popsicle stick wall. Priorities right? I still took a picture because it’s on my Disney Bucket List, but need to go back in the day eventually.

I will say, the details here are amazing and nothing has been overlooked. I’m a sucker for anything vintage school supplies and had to show you this wall. You’re welcome.

There are so many great photo ops here, don’t even waste your time putting your phone away.

Push! Push!

Finally, after 10 hours we made it to Slinky Dog!!! Let me just say… The Barnstormer at Magic Kingdom has now lost its #1 spot for this 6-year-old.

If you time it out right you can ride Slinky Dog AND see the fireworks at the same time. Thank you, Disney, for completely making my day!

What are your tips and tricks at Disney? What did you think of Toy Story Land? I can’t wait to hear!


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