Stand Out Holiday Cards


See my WPTV Holiday Card Segment here…

Halloween is over, and poor Thanksgiving. It gets no love these days. It’s almost like the stores and retailers have forgotten all about that one. I always used Thanksgiving as a holiday card finish line. I know that if I don’t have my holiday cards done and sent out by Thanksgiving, there is a 98% chance they won’t get done.

While the big box stores have stepped up their game when it comes to the selection of cards they offer, I still feel like I have to settle. I don’t like settling.


I found Night Owl Paper Goods almost a decade ago and I’m still in love with them as much today as I was back then. I ordered our wedding photo holiday cards from them. They offer such a variety of different cards but what is special about them is that they print on wood. Yep. Wood. That isn’t something you can just walk into a store and pick up. I guarantee whoever you send wooden cards to,  will remember them, and ask you where you got them. They stand out in a crowd.


Retro Christmas Card Company  is based in Florida and just makes me smile. It automatically reminds me of Dapper Days at Disney and Bing Crosby starts singing in my head. I’ve started collecting vintage Christmas decorations because they make me remember holidays with my grandparents. This line of cards does the same thing. Who doesn’t want to be transported back to a more simple time?


Don’t forget all the animals in your life. Crunchkin Cards are made from rawhide and edible ink. Like who came up with this? I wish I had. There isn’t one animal lover that wouldn’t love getting this kind of card in the mail.


Have your little ones help you with your holiday cards. Take a breath. They don’t have to be perfect… they just have to be meaningful. Goliath Games has some great art kits that you can use throughout the year, but also come in handy as your kids are creating holiday cards for their grandparents and neighbors.  Grab some alphabet stamps ( I have never regretted purchasing these) and have them add ‘joy’, ‘love’, whatever simple words they can sound out.


These Photo Pearls are fun for older kids to work on. In all honestly it does take a while to put a small area together, but is something that will be completely different for same aged cousins or friends. They can choose a special picture of the two of them and really pour some love into this project.


Last but not least, something sentimental. For me… it’s buttons. Did anyone else have a grandma with a button collection? I feel like that is such a random thing these days. But when I was a kid it seemed completely normal. Buttons hold such a special place in my heart so when I can incorporate them into projects with my kids, I do. Don’t have buttons? Amazon has them pretty cheap.





23 thoughts on “Stand Out Holiday Cards

  1. I love receiving and giving cards most especially in every holiday seasons and I think you can never go wrong in giving cards on this Christmas day.

  2. This is a reminder that I need to get onto my card writing and giving 🙂 Love the inspiration the post offers, thank you!

  3. I think cards are such a traditional, simple but thoughtful way of saying ‘ I’m thinking of you this festive season’. There’s just something to love about a handwritten card that’s so personal and lovely

  4. I do love Christmas cards and postcards in general. I don’t send as many these days but years ago I would always buy at least 15. I like special cards 🙂

  5. Love your selection here, especially the cards from Retro Christmas Card Company, their cards in general seem more personalised and fun compared to the sterile cards in the market

  6. OMG edible card?! Haha, sounds interesting. I think these days there are so many awesome holiday cards to choose from.

  7. These are great and simple ideas to give to your love ones on this Christmas day and for me, I would love to buy a Holiday cards for each one of them with my personalize message.

  8. I absolutely love receiving holiday cards! It’s always so nice to hear from old friends you may not see all the time anymore 🙂

  9. I haven’t given out cards in a while, but I always love receiving them. It’s definitely something I want to do this year!

  10. i also love recieving cards but for the last few years i have been donating money that i would spend of cards and postage to the charity

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