Ice at Gaylord Palms

Florida is hot. Plain and simple. Just hot. We don’t have seasons, we have a few days that may try to pass as a “cool” front.

I miss seasons. I need seasons. I need cold. Enter Gaylord Palms.

We went to Ice years ago when Hucklebaby was probably 2, but once the youngest one came along we waited a few years until he could enjoy it with us.

Although we stayed at Gaylord Palms last year during the holidays we didn’t venture to where ICE was. The hotel at Christmas time is quite something. If you haven’t stayed there, you must get an atrium view room at least once, no matter what time of year. It’s a completely different experience than any other hotel stay.

Once of my favorite memories was visiting The Opryland Hotel, which is now Gaylord Opryland Hotel, when I was little. My dad and I would go and walk around the property after he picked me up from the airport on my holiday visits. I remember huge Christmas tree displays created with poinsettias and just being in awe of all of the holiday displays.

I want my boys to have warm memories like this too.

If you aren’t sure what ICE is, it is a display of beautiful ice sculptures done differently each. What is special about it though is that the room is 9*. Baby, it’s cold. Not just cold… but cold, cold.

A lot of people bring their own winter clothes, but some people show up in Florida winter clothes. Either way, Gaylord Palms will provide you with a large heavy jacket. I do suggest you take gloves and something to cover your ears. This way you can stay in a little longer. Once you leave, you are done.

The problem with wearing so many layers of clothes are that kids in Florida aren’t used to it. Sleeves, pants, hats, socks and what really pushed him over the edge were the gloves covering his hands.

I know it sounds weird to anyone that lives not in a tropical climate. I’ve had this ear warmer honestly for 7 years and it’s probably the 3rd time I’ve worn it.

Once we were bundled… we were ready to go.

Look at this. It’s all ice. As you can see the theme this year was “A Christmas Story”.

We tried to get a few family pictures but between a toddler in layers and my cold fingers, this is the best I had.

I’m not sure how large the room was, but it winds around so you can see different scenes from the movie.

The detail in all of this is awesome.

Awwww. Look at this adorable family picture.

At about this point is when Billiam left with the little one. He kept trying to strip off his clothes. I was mortified I was going to end up on the news having a naked kid in a 9* room full of ice.

What is your favorite part of the movie? You know the part where Ralphie visits Santa and then gets pushed down a slide? They have it! Except no one pushed you… and it’s an ice slide.

There is even an opportunity to see some of the ice sculptors adding on to their art work.

I love anytime there is something punny. I love puns, and this one is about snot. I was laughing at it and like clockwork my nose started running. It was as soon as we walked out of the room. It’s almost like they knew what was going to happen.

One thing I wasn’t expecting to enjoy as much as I did was ice tubing. I have never been before so I humored Hucklebaby. He wanted to go. I loved it. If you’re on the fence about going, just do it.

My entire body was sore the next day… but I would do it again in a heart beat. Over and over and over.

What is your favorite memory of Gaylord Palms?



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