Peppermint Holiday Hand Scrub

It’s been a while since I’ve made any “homemade” holiday gifts. I used to do it much more than I do now. I feel like once Halloween hits the rest of the year end months rush by. I have to schedule days where I actually don’t do anything but work on my to-do list.

Today was a day like that. I came up with a list of three projects I wanted to tackle. This hand scrub being one of them. I had all of the supplies in my cabinet already, besides the glycerin so it kills two birds with one stone.

Cleaning out extra craft supplies and making a few stocking stuffer gifts.

This is a great projects for kids to help with too because there is no heat. It is all just mixing.

I didn’t exactly measure much. A few cups of sugar, a few scoops of coconut oil. It really is up to you how much you would like to use. The only reason I used glycerin is because I read somewhere it helps with color stabilization, I’ll keep you updated on how long that lasts.

Once the sugar became a consistency that held together like a snowball, I added fragrance oils. Make sure to use oils that are body safe. I bought this oil in a set on Amazon.

The sprinkles I used for this mixture are a little large. Smaller ones would honestly probably work better, but I really liked these.

Now simply add them in and stir. I didn’t stir too much because I was a little scared the color on the sprinkles would come off. It didn’t.

Once everything was mixed well it was time to fill my jars. I had two varieties of jars. Although I love the tiny mason jars, they don’t show of the beauty of the scrub the way the larger jars do.

After a little bit my entire kitchen smelled of peppermint. It was just the perfect amount of sweetness and I know when I use this in the morning it will give a little burst of energy to start my day.

If you aren’t a fan of peppermint, feel free to use another one of your favorite oils. Or customize it for the person you are gifting it too. I’m sure it is just as lovely unscented too.

This was a super easy holiday craft that took less than 10 minutes from start to end. My son can’t wait to use it in the bath tonight, and I can’t wait to include it in my Secret Santa gifting too.


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