The Most Wonderful SLIME of the Year

Do you have slime rules in your house? Yes. Rules about slime. I do.

Slime stays in the kitchen or the bathroom. That’s it.

After I found slime mashed into pillows and the mattress…it was time to draw the line. That being said, we still make slime. I have a whole collection of slime supplies in my garage. It’s such an easy activity to do with your kids, and celebrate some of the fun of the holidays.

Here are a few great slime ideas that are perfect to keep your kids busy during the holiday break.


Have you ever considered giving a slime kit as a gift? I’ve seen the ones at the craft stores, but love the idea of making it personalized. Add decorations, colors and details specific to the person… each kit could be different. I love this holiday version from MomEnvy


Peppermint always reminds me of the holidays. Bust out your essential oils and make it really peppermint-y. We made Peppermint bath scrubs last week, but am loving this Candy Cane Smile from The Best Ideas For Kids.


There is glitter everywhere in my house right now. EVERYWHERE!!! It’s absolutely wonderful in every way. Why not embrace the glitter madness and create a slime Christmas tree. Grab the sequins too.


The Best Idea for Kids hit it out of the ballpark with this one.


Last but not least, give the gingerbread man some love! No matter what holiday you may celebrate… the gingerbread man has a place. When I was a classroom teacher I actually did a whole unit on the Gingerbread Man, this would be a great addition to that.

See how Crayons and Cravings made hers here.



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