Super Simple Mickey Inspired Ornaments

Years ago, before I even had the boys I believe…I bought a 4 pack of Disney character ornaments. I loved them. I still love them. But I remember when I paid for them thinking, ‘am I really buying ornaments that are $20 each’.

You know why I did it??? Because back then I didn’t have little hands that could in a mere 2 seconds make them come crashing to the floor.

If I spend $20 on an ornament these days it better be indestructible, predict the future and unload the dishwasher.

You know that the closer it gets to Christmas, the more ornaments are discounted. I picked up 2 boxes from Michaels when the were 50% off. So each box was only $5 and then I had and extra 20% my total purchase.

The point is… I have no idea how much I paid for these… but they were cheap.

With all intentions, I went to the Dollar Tree to pick out ornaments, but their selection was picked over to the point of sadness. I knew Michaels still had a good selection.

I did enjoy thinking about my color options. There were so many to choose from. I might actually go back and get a different color combo, I just don’t want to deal with anymore lines.

Step one: pick one box of small bulbs and the other large.

This entire project takes all of about 10 minutes. Just grab your glue gun and get started.

I probably burned 8 out of 10 of my fingers, but thats par for the course.

I had to hold the ornaments like this while they were drying but it was less than a minute for each.

In full disclosure, the backs aren’t pretty. This is something you will just have to be ok with.

I’m fine with it because 1)I’m not giving them as gifts 2) no one can see the backs of the ornament when they are on the tree.

Just make sure that where you put them on your tree has enough behind it that no one will even see this.

Done. Now here comes the part where you can add ribbon or bust out a paint pen.

On the top, my ornament. On the bottom, one from Disney.

I will say I am happy to have started my Disney themed tree, but it has quite a way to go.

Now I’ve started looking on Ebay and Etsy for vintage Disney classics. Slow and steady wins the race. It’s my very own small little treasure hunt.

I have a few other Disney themed ornaments I plan on making this week….I can’t wait to share those too!


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